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Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better
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i wanna get better // bleachers

"i didn’t know i was lonely til i saw your face"

Oli Sykes: I Was A Fucking Drug Addict



Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon admitted to a live audience this past weekend at the APMAs that he went through an extreme addiction to ketamine before checking into rehab for a month before the Sempiternal cycle. Sykes is now sober, and grateful. Watch a video below after the jump.

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In line with my last post..

I’ve never been taken on a proper date at all. This is kinda a shitty realization. I have the worst taste in guys.

And you know what for the time we were together he never actually even once took me on a date.

I’m not mad at him or anything.

I’m more disappointed in me for allowing myself to believe someone could actually care for and love me and want to be with me. That I was actually worth something. It’s time for me to be honest and tell him how much I hurt. That it’s time to end things because this isn’t making me a better person. It’s just hurting me more and more. Tonight proved everything to me, I truly don’t matter to him.

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